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Hello! If you have any questions not answered here, you can email

  1. Buying zines
  2. Special pricing
  3. Shipping
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Licensing
  6. Work / Money
  7. About my comics

Buying zines

Can I buy print copies of your zines?

Yes! They’re at The digital zines also come with a printable PDF version that you can print yourself, including a black & white version that’s designed to look good when printed on a black and white printer.

If I get the PDF version, can I print it at home?

Yes! All the PDF zines come with a printable PDF that you can print on your home printer. They’re designed to look great on a black and white printer or colour printer, and on A4 paper or letter paper (we have special black & white covers designed for B&W printers). Here are the print directions.

I'm in the EU, how does VAT work?

  • If you have a business VAT number: There’s a place on the cart page to enter your VAT number. (check the“Are you based in the EU and VAT registered?” box).
  • For everyone else: To comply with EU regulations, if your order is over 150 EUR, you will not be charged VAT at checkout, you'll have to pay when you receive the package. Otherwise, we collect and pay VAT on your order.

What's the print quality like? Is it good?

Yes! I won’t bore you with the exact paper weight numbers but I pay a lot of attention to print quality and people often comment on how impressed they are. We work with a great Seattle print shop called Girlie Press.

I want to buy someone a zine as a gift, how can I do that?

  1. For print zines: Just enter their address as the shipping address! We do not include packing slips or order receipts in packages. The only invoice included would be the required customs invoice for international labels. 
  2. For PDF zines: When you place an order, you’ll receive a link to download the zines. You can share that link with your gift recipient.
  3. Gift cards: We also offer gift cards, so that your giftee can choose the zines they want! The gift cards are sold in denominations corresponding to the prices of:
    • One zine PDF
    • One print zine with US shipping
    • Zine 4-pack PDF
    • Zine 4-pack print + PDF
    • 13-pack PDF
    • 13-pack print + PDF


Special pricing

I'm in a country with a weak currency relative to the US, can I get a discount?

Yes! If you go to any zine page (like this one) and you’re in a country, for example Brazil, with a much weaker currency relative to the US, you should see a discount code. I don’t have this discount for print zines though, because shipping actual zines outside the US is much more expensive than shipping bytes.

I'm a teacher and I want to use the zines in my class, do you have educational pricing?

Yes! You can buy 1 copy at the personal rate, and print and give away as many copies as you want to your students. Please do not distribute PDF copies of the zine though, only print copies. If you do this, let me know! I love to hear about how people are using the zines.

Do you have nonprofit pricing?

Yes! If you’re a nonprofit organization and you want to give away zines at your workshop / conference / hackathon etc, you can buy 1 copy at the personal rate and print and give away as many copies as you want. Please do not distribute PDF copies of the zine though, only print copies. If you do this, let me know! I love to hear about how people are using the zines.

Do you have bulk pricing for print zines?

Yes! I don’t have a system in place yet, but email me about it and we’ll sort something out.

I want to buy zines for my university / school / library!

We have educational pricing! Send us an email at, we’d love to work with you.

Do you have student pricing?

Not yet!



Where are these shipped from?

Shipping is handled by a wonderful small company called White Squirrel in Seattle. Everything ships from the US.

How fast will my order ship?

Generally in about a week. Shipping times are sometimes a little slower in November/December because there are a lot of orders and the amazing shipping company we work with (White Squirrel) is pretty small and is staffed by humans who need to sleep. They also take a holiday break at the end of the year.

I want to get a print version of the zine, but I can't wait for the shipping! Help?

If you order the PDF version, it includes a printable version that you can print at home (or at a print shop)! If the printable version wasn't included in your order and you want it, email and we'll send it to you.

Shipping outside the US seems really expensive! What are my options?

We have 2 workarounds for this: Free international shipping is included for all orders over $60 (and for all US orders over $30). If you’re just ordering 1 zine, we have an untracked letter mail shipping option for about $5 USD.



I bought a zine from you and I have a problem

Oh no! Please email me at and we’ll figure it out. If for some reason I didn’t reply (though I try to reply quickly!), please email me again.

I bought a zine from you 3 years ago and I deleted the email / don’t remember what I ordered. Can I get it back?

No problem! Just enter your email address in this Order Recovery Form and you’ll get an email with download links for all your past orders. You’ll need to enter the exact correct email address.

How do I print my zines on a home printer?

Print directions are here. If for some reason the PDF you have doesn’t look like the one in the video, please email me at and I’ll sort it out.

Can you send me an invoice so I can expense it?

Yes! You’ll get a link to a PDF invoice in your order confirmation email. Let us know at if you need us to fix anything on the invoice.


I need Wizard Zines' business address!

OK! It's:

10868795 Canada Inc
4388 Rue Saint-Denis Suite 200 #333
Montreal, QC H2J 2L1 Canada


I'm giving a presentation at a conference / at work, can I use 1 or 2 of your comics with attribution in it?

Yes! Please include a link to the comic’s webpage (like

Can I translate one of your blog posts or comics into another language?

Probably! I’ve always said yes to these requests in the past as long as people link to the original post, email me about it.

Can I buy a license to give some of your zines to give away at my conference / to my customers / etc?

Yes! Email me about it ( and we’ll work out a deal.

Can I license one of your comics to put on my company's website?

Maybe! Email me about it ( and we’ll work out a deal.

What license are your comics under?

It depends! All my free zines (listed on the homepage, they have black and white covers) can be used under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. Everything else is all rights reserved. You’re probably sensing a theme here, email me if you have other questions about licensing.


Work / Money

Can I pay you to write about X?

Nope! I don’t do freelance work or commissions. People sometimes try to convince me that their idea is an exception, but I don’t make exceptions to this rule and I really appreciate it when people don’t ask in the first place :) You can always suggest an idea that you think I might be interested in writing about though, the best place to do that is Mastodon.

Can I pay you to link to our site?


Can I pay you to write a guest post on your blog?



About my comics

Have you written a comic about X?

Here’s how to find out! After many years of chaos, I’ve finally organized all my comics into one page at and there’s a search there. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can tweet at me @b0rk and I’ll take a look.

What tools do you use to write zines?

I’ve used a few tools over the years. In reverse chronological order:

  • iPad + Apple Pencil + Affinity Designer
  • iPad + Apple Pencil + Notability
  • Samsung tablet + S Pen + Squid
  • Sharpie + printer paper + photocopier

After I write them I store them as SVG in a Git repository and then I assemble them into PDFs with a terrible combination of bash and Python scripts.