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2021 Holiday Preorder FAQ

when will I get the zines?

I’m planning to have all the zines shipped by Nov. 1, so that they should arrive well in time for the holidays even if you’re outside the US. All zines ship from the US.

why a preorder?

It makes it easier to decide how many zines to print! I don’t want to accidentally underestimate demand and then not have enough zines for everyone who wants them. With a preorder, everyone can get all the zines they want!

why are preorders for Christmas opening now? It’s still September!

The amazing company that handles my shipping has been sending me urgent emails about how international packages can easily take 6 weeks to arrive. That means now is the right time to start thinking about holiday shipping. COVID is the time of shipping delays :(

what if I already bought the PDF version of all your zines?

I’ve got you! You can use code PDFBUYER to get 50% off any purchase -- you’ll just need to use the same email address as you did when you bought the PDFs.

can I buy a giant stack of zines for my team?

yes! There’s a 20% discount for orders over $300  if you want to treat your team :). Just use code TEAMZINES.

when do preorders close?

October 12!

I have another question!

Email me at :)